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CalmForte 63cm Scratch Resistant Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Extra Accessories, Made in Korea


The CalmForte series is the result of a decade of cutting edge research in customer-centric design, material engineering and advanced robotics. Every minute detail is a testimony to perfect harmony in form, fit and function. The sink is engineered and manufactured entirely in S. Korea with zero imported components.

FUNCTIONAL ACCESSORIES Extra-large food residue drain system with trap, stainless steel caddy, stainless steel grate, American walnut chopping board, set-of-2 over the sink colander set and roll-up drying mat are included with the sink.

EXCLUSIVE ‘ALWAYS NEW’ EMBOSSED TECHNOLOGY The CalmForte is made using patented engineering that makes it the most scratch and stain resistant stainless steel sink globally. Your sink will not lose material integrity over its lifetime and will retain the original pristine condition even after years of heavy use. Guaranteed against rust, corrosion, discoloration, fading and external shocks.

WORLD’S FIRST NOISE AND CONDENSATE CLAD SYSTEM CalmForte doesn’t resist vibrations or thermal shocks – it cancels them using a one of its kind 3-layer multi-stage cladding jacket.

ANTIBACTERIAL FOR SAFE FAMILY USE Special surface treatment for unsurpassed bacterial and dirt resistance. Rigid stains can simply be rinsed away with water making this a truly zero maintenance kitchen workhorse.

A NEW STANDARD IN AESTHETICS AND FUNCTION Raise the game with minimally rounded R5 corners that impart square-ish aesthetics and require a gentle wipe to clean and dry. Extra deep basin is designed to handle oversized cookware and eliminate water splash from powerful faucet sprayers. Large drain basket catches more food or residual waste compared to standard sink drains.

ZERO POOLING OR WATER STAINS Accented base channels water towards drain for quick drain and dry. Embossed surface minimizes food residue clinginess to sink, an advantage that is unique to CalmForte.


Material: Uniform Gauge 304 Stainless Steel, 1.2T

Type: Extra Deep Single Bowl

Installation: Undermount or Inset Topmount

Material Safety: Nontoxic, Non-flammable

Warranty: Lifetime limited (applies to sink – accessories excluded)

Country of Origin: South Korea


CalmForte63 Exterior 63x45cm, Bowl 58x40cm, Depth 25cm

CalmForte73 Exterior 73x45cm, Bowl 68x40cm, Depth 25cm

CalmForte83 Exterior 83x45cm, Bowl 78x40cm, Depth 23cm